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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 am. it is for longer the thursday before, this is "the day." i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze with sue hall here for leyla. and meteorologist mike nicco has the big warm-up. >> you have to channel your inner james brown to do that. i have thoughts of eddie murphy. >> something about a hot tub. >> this is live doppler hd a
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few clouds along the cost and they will increase as we head into the afternoon as the cooling trend hits your neighborhood. the 12 hour day planner is cooler this morning in some areas like 38 near petaluma and 54 in san francisco and 62 at the coast and 76 inland, and 62 at cost at 4:00 and clouds are gathering, and 80 inland and this evening we go 58 to 68 so a spread but it should be comfortable but the coast, you will need a coat. >> and it is all on the macarthur maze and we show you a shot through emeryville and berkeley and we had an early action the transition southbound 880 eastbound 580 c.h.p. is on the scene account road is clear and the backup is diminishing. the toll plaza is light and no metering lights and we will keep our eye on it in hops nor friday light. >> speaking of "i feel good,"
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the bullets and warriors start the greatest teams in basketball history golden state opens the nba playoff tomorrow and we are at the arena where they are getting ready. alyssa? >> yes, good morning, tomorrow there will be the shirts on every seat and strength in number 2015 playoffs. a sell out crowd is expected to pack the arena hopping to would people the warriors to their first nba title since 1975. the team will rack first today at the facility in downtown oakland to get ready for the opener against new orleans and golden state has home court advantage because of an nba best 67 wins a plan chinese -- franchise report. the head coach has five championship wins from his
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playing days. >> we will not change anything. we will not change or offense or defense. we come what we do but we have to do it sharply. that is the key. >> everything resets live the last two years and the feeling is the same. we understand what it will take to win. >> if you want to see the warriors in action at the arena get ready to pay. according to the online ticket prices they will range from $159 to almost $6,000! we will hear from the warriors legends would played a big role the last time golden state run back in 1975. >> you can watch the game between the warriors and mel cans right here with coverage at noon following by a the game with live interviews and post-game reaction.
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we are asking this how far do the warriors need to advance for the season to be considered a success? use # dubbson7. we will share your responses. >> a man is accused of putting cameras in a walnut creek starbucks. the 34-year-old jacob walter continuer was arrested yesterday at his home. a camera was found in february and, again, in the bathroom on tuesday. police believe turner is behind both incidents. we will have a report in correct check coming up at 5:30. oakland police discipline system is not working. officers who were fired or punished see their punishments overturned pause department officials and the oakland city attorney do such poor job investigating the cases. the report was ordered by the federal judge overseeing the department reform.
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it found that city attorneys are frequently ill prepared and the police bench affairs act cannot thoroughly investigate the cases. >> the university of california will not release information of the incoming freshman class in part because of a state budget stand off. they usually reveal details like the percentage of high school seniors it accepted in mid-trail but our media partner the tribune, reports the figures could reflect a startling number of reimpressions and students placed on waiting list as the uc president tries to break a funding stand off with governor brown and state lawmakers. >> richmond mayor wants to change part of the image of the city by creating a new logo. this is the look the mayor would like to change. he refuses to use the logo on his official stationery going for the richmond seal. he sees this as an effort to rebrand the city and create a
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new public image. >> groups trying to block the sale of the main berkeley post office claim victory although a judge threw out the lawsuit dismissing the suit filed by the city of berkeley that would require a time consuming environmental impact study before any sale of the post office building could go through. on the surface that would appear to be a win for the postal service that wanted to sell the building but the groups say the order prevents the sale of the building which is what they wanted in the first place. >> a warning: at the today, we spotted large waves as predicted by mike. they will be there today. rip currents could produce deadly sneaker waves up to 11 foot high. do not town your back on the ocean. >> beautiful but that does not
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mean it is safe. >> angry film and it will be again today and the sunshine will not be there today. now, a look inland east bay our early risers commuting to silicon valley or into san francisco, 60 at pittsburg and the warm spot is through the san ramon valley mid-to-upper 40s around danville and san ramon and dublin and pleasanton and livermore and lafayette at 52 and conquer at 50. we have 49 in cupertino and across 237 headed to milpitas ten degrees warmer at 59 and 56 in alameda and redwood city and foster city at 48. now, a look at the temperatures as we talked about yesterday all of them 2-9 degrees cooler spring boarding us to cooler conditions along the coast with
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clouds at 61 to 67 in downtown san francisco and the rest of our neighbors 70s to 80 until inland and warmest at 80 to 86. enjoy it. >> early accident at the macarthur maze southbound to 880 cleared out of the lanes and checking in with mass transit board is a if way to go. ace is getting off on time and all trains from the central valley and the golden gate transit, ferries and buses looking like a good way to come in to san francisco with the commute. southbound 680 through walnut creek to 24, a few brake lights at the interchange at walnut creek but traffic is flowing nicely to the caldecott tunnel. that was san jose and 101 at 880. traffic is flowing nicely. here is residual backup to the macarthur maze on 80 westbound. the other accident has been cleared out of laned and traffic is flow nicely through the maze.
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kristen sze? eric? >> south bay police department is showing off three new additions to the unit showing three little kittens. that is agent spear holding the kittens found in the public works yard. the agent has volunteered to care for the kits until they are hold enough to find a "forever," home. >> s'mores are getting a liquid makeover. >> and the pope comes to the united states this fall. >> a incredible rescue and pictures that are going viral. stay tuned.
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than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> covering fremont, palo alto north bay, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. good friday morning. 5:12. this is traffic in the east bay i-680 the tail lights headed southbound from north main. traffic is light. it is moving along. will we it stay friday lite? >> a memorial service honoring the victims of the germanwings clash was held this morning. the german chancellor paid respects to the 150 people who
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perished. the transport ministers from france and spain attended along with lufthansa c.e.o. flags are lowered. the co-pilot is accused of deliberately crashing the airbus into the french alps. pope francis is considering a stop in cuba when he visits the united states in september. the "wall street journal" reports that he could visit havana during a historic visit to the eat coast later this year. pope francis is credited with having helped the united states and key behalf re-establish diplomatic ties. the vatican hosted leaders of both countries during the final negotiations. the spokesman said the plans are discussed and nothing formal has been announced yet. >> the good samaritan would saved a man on the edge of a cliff has stepped forward. jason is the mysterious hero who vanished after pulling a man out of the wrecked vehicle in idaho. the photo is viral. >> i knew the goal was to get
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him out of there before the possibility of the rig falling became a reality. >> he saw the s.u.v. hanging 30' above a con beyond and ran 200 yards uphill to help. he had to break the window and quinn the driver to roll it down the rest of the day and he left the scene when the police arrived. he saw news reports on the rescue and came failure. he was at the right place at the right time and a medical issue may have been to blame for the cash. americans are spending more time at restaurants than the grocery store. good morning, everyone topping america's money, americans are eating out more than eating in. in march we spent more at restaurants than in grocery stores for the first time in 23 years. >> it show as generational shift with mill pleasant likely to
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go out. >> and verizon customers are giving subscribers flexibility with cable service. >> can't wait until summer for a nice warm smore? >> starbucks will offer flavored cappuccino. >> i will try it. google has a "find my phone service," by install the google app. if you lose the phone, a map can pop up and you can fine the phone. >> apple's version of the fine my phone. >> the droid version.
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>> detroit version. meteorologist mike nicco, how are things heating up? >> do you love your dog so much you treat your puppy like a baby? gazing into your dogs eyes unleashes a chemical attraction that has to do with a love hormone linked to ponding. it sounds like a barry white song. >> interacts were observed and the more human and the dogs gazed interest each other's eyes the more concentrateed was oxycontin levels which made it easy for the pets and owners to born. >> and we are bonding with the weather forecast. it is nice. mike? >> want some more? head inland, or you want the cooling? it is already starting to change. you can see it on live doppler hd clouds developing around bodega bay, and from san francisco through half moon bay and trying to get to davenport
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so a lot of the strawberry farms are getting a cooling this morning. i was going to show you some of the fog that is pushing through as we new have a west wind at seven miles per hour. that is a sign that, yes things are on the move. we are changing. clouds and cooler and rough surf today. we have cooler conditions spreading all the way through the weekend into our inland neighbors and showers are scattered and possible on tuesday and when of next week. moving forward to talk about the beach hazards. they still there. the sunshine is not. rip occur researches and sneaker waves and breakers through this evening. we head to the south bay and flirting with the upper 70's around sunnyvale and milpitas and everyone else in the low 80s and santa cruz is 72. in the low-to-mid 70s around millbrae and menlo park and
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mid-to-upper 70s redwood city and palo alto and mountain view. low-to-mid 60s along the coast and more sunshine on the bay side and upper 60s downtown south san francisco ten degrees cooler than yesterday. mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and to cloverdale and lake port, low 80s and 20 degrees cooler. low-to-mid 70's for most of the east bay shore physical castro valley to fremont. 78 and 77. our warmest weather is low-to-mid 80s inland east bay from walnut creek at 82 andant crock at 86. at the game tonight home cooking, 62, dropping to 58. send them on the road! something! break the seven game losing strange. mid-40s to low 50s, and fog in the north bay long the coast and the entire bay and southbound bay filling up accelerating the cooling trend that will spread inland sunday and monday and tuesday,
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wednesday and thursday it is not a great chan but there are scattered showers each of those days and what you will notice is 50s and 60s for highs. >> happy friday where traffic is flowing beyond the shark tank and s.a.p. center and the headlights are headed 87 in the northbound direction no delays and the richmond-san rafael bridge a few cars coming through from the richmond over the marin side of things with no delays in the eastbound direction with the road work on the lower deck so use extra caution. it narrows the two lanes. both are open. first report of an accident near the dublin interchange, westbound 580 near 680 s lane and red sensors so expect afully. not too bad from the central valley but speeds are slowing a little bit. as mike said giants and arizona tonight and you can expect delays at at&t park starting later this afternoon.
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scientists have found a world war ii ship intact the uss independence is 30 mile off the coast of athens, and a so far vehicle produced a color image of the ship settled upright and it has been offer the sea for 64 years. most of the flight deck is still intact. it served a critical role in the naval offensive during world war ii after being damaged, then used in atomic bomb testing and returned to san francisco for study on decontamination. the navy towed the ship to sea and deliberately sang it fearing it would sink on its own close to shore one of an estimated 300 wrecks near san francisco. straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. "the force," with a new star wars trailer and a secret that the director will not reveal. women
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>> here seven things to know before you go: number one, an east bay man has been arrested for putting cameras in a public restroom at a walnut creek starbucks on locust street in february and again, on tuesday there were cameras. our reporter will have a report from walnut creek in a few minutes. police want to find several people involved in the stabbing of three people inside a bar. all three are in stable condition. two need surgery. investigators believe the double started with a dispute in the parking lot that turned into violence inside the bar. >> a scathing report fines oakland's police discipline system is not working. according to the chronicle officers who were fired or punished frequently see their punishments overturn because
5:24 am
officials and the oakland city attorney office do such a poor job investigating the cases. >> a big moment for giant fan bryan stow who threw out the first pitch at the san jose giants home opener. he suffered severe brain injury after being attack outside dodger stadium four years ago. he called the survive "a miracle." >> the golden state warriors will practice to get ready for the nab playoff opener and will host new orleans. golden state posted the nba best record earning home court advantage all the way through the playoffs. check out live doppler hd showing the change in our weather pattern with cooling clouds developing along the coast and i will show you the drop in temperature in your neighborhood in the weekend forecast. seven, the traffic center shows a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no problems here and we had an early accident in the macarthur maze and that
5:25 am
has been cleared and, now, a new accident near the dublin interchange and we will check on the delays wren we come back in a bit. my kids love this and i wish i could have been there for the exploritorium in san francisco. it started off with a plenty of experiments and this involved 3,000 ping-pong balls and liquid nitrogen part of the spring gala at the exploritorium dan ashley dressed the -- addressed the crowd and we were well represented at the event. abc7 is the proud media partner of the exploritorium. it is where you want to be. >> "star wars," fans have seen the first look of the knievel traitor from "star wars," in
5:26 am
"the force awakens." we're home! >> this is the old along with the new and they sat down with jimmy kimmel and was pressed on answers. >> how accident heavy -- >> i don't thing i can tell you. >> you will tell me. >> no. >> let's move on. >> that did not work. >> that is not the ending he was, laughing for. the movie premieres december 18 on "good morning america," at 7:00 more "star wars," action and lucas film is owned by disney the parent company of abc7. >> coming back with full 90 minutes of news including bay
5:27 am
area goes hollywood and how you can clear your shot and a chance to be on the big screen. >> and a wildfire was >> right now abc7 is showing the embarcadero and bay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning 5:29. thanks you for ending your week with us. i am eric thomas and hall here for leyla gulen and mike has the forecast. >> visibility at half moon bay is pretty good.
5:30 am
the west wind at 7 miles per hour and reduced visibility as you head across the golden gate bridge. the 12 hour day planner ten degrees cooler this morning and 40s and 50s. we are in the 60s but for inland we are in the 70s to 80 degrees and that is the only area not cooler today by a couple of degrees. by 7:00, enjoy a existable evening but a lot of clouds along the coast and in san francisco. >> now, how is the commute is. >> slow on the golden gate bridge, be careful coming through the tunnel and boom you are in the fog. san rafael no fog hire, southbound 101 patting north gate mall and the marin county civic center traffic is moving nicely here and we had an early problem at the dublin/pleasanton interchange with a hit-and-run accident but that has been cleared out of the lanes. just minor slowing approaching the 680 junction.
5:31 am
in the news, walnut creek police say they have solved the case of the peeping tom would placed hidden cameras in a starbucks bathroom and recorded the customers not once but twice. here is that story from walnut creek. employees at the starbucks on locust say they found the hidden camera in the bathroom and this is not the first time. the latest case was discovered just this past tuesday. 35-year-old jacob turner was arrested at his home. he was served a search war rap. -- warrant. this first started when employees found the hidden camera on february 6. police say the video shows customers using the restroom from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. and on tuesday employees found the hidden camera, yet goes showing customers using the bathroom from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. and an employees next door said their business doesn't have a bathroom so they use the one at starbucks
5:32 am
and she was there on tuesday. >> i used it a if you times but didn't think anything of it or thought it would be an issue. definitely grossed out. really grossed out. >> police are trying to identify the customers shown in the video. they say if you have any information you are urged to contact them. turner is held on $65,000 new details san leandro police are looking for several suspects involved in a barroom brawl that sent three to the hospital happening side shiloh bar at 8:30 last night. two of the three victims will need surgery but they are all in stable condition. detectives believe the trouble began with a despite in the parking lot and the extension moved inside and turned violent. >> they got out-of-control. they were throwing each other against the walls, again the jukebox. though were really fighting.
5:33 am
>> there appeared to be outlaw motorcycle gang members inside wearing their club vests based upon the amount of people involved in the fight and there could be three, four or five suspects. >> police have recovered a gun registered to someone inside the bar but that gun was not used in the fight. at the same location, a child found a gun in february and the morning after the shots were fired near a highway patrol officer. >> concord police expect to file more charges against the man accused of molesting a girl left if his car. she said 51-year-old see sierra cause -- cruz her. the torch say there is no corroboration of accusations but police say there is another victim and there could be others. >> baseball fans can say they have witnessed something bigger than a major league miracle.
5:34 am
>> after seeing bryan stow take center stage on opening night in san jose. he used a walktory take to the field at san jose municipal stadium and flew out the first pitch for the giants. the minor league team. the pitch was four years after suffering severe brain injury in an attack outside dodger stadium in los angeles. >> a miracle. i am a living mayor chemical. this has been really big for me and the giants. each pitch practicing every single day it is big. making the most of it. >> he has faced many challenges in his recovery including countless hours of physical therapy and work to regain his speaking ability. he sounds terrific. >> the star player will cop tend for mvp honor and now, the
5:35 am
warriors begin the playoffs looking for the first world championship in 40 years. steph curry opened the first round of the nba playoffs again new orleans tomorrow afternoon and the warriors hold home court advantage for the entire post-season. the warriors won 39 and 2 at the air rain and we will have a report from the warriors home court at top of the hour. >> at 8:30 we will have a warriors flag raised and you have a chance to sign a banner fleming support until 3:00 this morning. >> we want to see your warriors pride with fan photos on air and at post your pictures and we will find them. >> you can see the game between the warriors and the pelicans right here. with coverage at noon and then "after the game," with post-game reaction.
5:36 am
happening today, california public health officials could declare the measles outbreak that only natured at disney to be over if no new cases are reported today. the outbreak of the highly contagious disease spread to several other states and countries. 131 in california were infected and the first patient brought the measles here from abroad igniting debate about vaccination rates. a federal judge will get a chance to review a reworked deal in a head enjoy lawsuit against the the with college athletes and concussion and urging $70 million medical fund to test athletes for trauma and toughens return to play rule after a concussion. the first slam was thrown out by the judge because it was
5:37 am
"confusing." >> california almond farmers say they plan on expanding production. farmers will increase production of almonds by 2-3.5 percent the next decade in response to drying international demand for almonds. the crop is under scrutiny during the severe state listen wide drought because of the amount of water needed to grow them. california produces 80 percent of the world am mondays and -- almonds and is worth $4 billion. >> a wildfire came dangerously close to homes in contra costa county. we were in antioch as crews tried to get a handle on the fire yesterday. the small brushfire spread quickly to three acres. crews were concerned because of the warm weather. >> it came over the hill and crackled and i wet everything down with my harden hose. >> you could feel the heat like
5:38 am
this your stove it was that close, the heat was that hot. >> it took an hour to knock down the flames. >> cooler today. but we still have high fire danger. >> and it will only be worse as we are deeper into the fire station. we looked at possibility of norms but that is very minimal with the showers. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast but first the north bay we are significantly cooler including rohnert park at san rafael is 52 the warm spot. lafayette is the same. san jose is 53. brentwood is warm at 58 and half moon bay is only 43. no fog in the bay right now. that is the case until tomorrow morning. most of our clouds along the
5:39 am
coast this afternoon so you are around 61 to 67 in downtown san francisco. more on sunshine. 70 to 80 around most neighbors until inned land east bay warmest 80 to 86. walnut creek is 50. the cooling will spread tomorrow as the clouds are thicker in the morning. by monday the 80s are almost gone. >> and now the mass transit bart is looking good and all trains are on time and no delays for light rail or buses. a guy way to get around, 80 through berkeley beyond university and headed to powell and the macarthur maze and no metering lights and no slow traffic. this is 101 at 880 overcr in san jose. traffic is moving nightly and smooth. a look at the drive from the central valley, it is not too bad. we have slowing from tracy over
5:40 am
the altamont pass but it then picks up through livermore. highway 4 out of antioch you will find the slow traffic and that is typical in the when direction and then it picks up into concord. >> if you wanted to be in a movie, admit it you have a chance this weekend in santa rosa. a film company is looking nor -- for extras for a wrestling movie based in 1979 with john for men men ages 18 to 90 and you will want to show up at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning and you are encouraged to wear hair and clothing from the 70s. you will find more information at >> grass gives way to a mountain of dearth for a week moto cross
5:41 am
race at the levi stadium. fans should not worry. >> the 9-1-1 call placed from the belly of a jet when a cargo worker was trapped. stay tuned.
5:42 am
ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm. plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?)
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introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:44. a federal appeals court will hear arguments whether to lift a texas judge's injunction on president obama's immigration plan. a district judge in brownsville next granted the injunction february 16. 26 states that opposed the executive order to shield five million undocumented ingrants from deportation filed the request. the justice department attorneys have argued that the injunction harms public interest by delaying the implementation of the order. alaska airlines said the ramp worker who was trapped in a departing jet hold has now been banned from the airline. the remain employees worked for a third party contractor. he fell asleep inside the belly of a plane that debarred with --
5:45 am
departed with him screaming. the pleas were recorded on a 9-1-1 and the dispatcher could not believe what she was hearing. you are where? >> inside the plane. it is moving in the air. [ inaudible ] >> where are you in a plane? >> inside the plane. >> three investigations include one by the f.a.a. are underway. the worker walked off the jet unharmed after the pilot heard banging coming from the cargo compartment and turned the plane around. >> a woman found herself grounded after be kickoff a conflict when a fellow passenger accused her of poking him with a pen. another passenger shot this vehicle at chicago midway. a man fell asleep before take off and witnesses say the seat mate was irritated because he was snoring. the woman poked the sleeping and
5:46 am
snoring man with a pen which startled him. police escorted the woman off 9 flight. the man continued on to new hampshire and he was not hurt. >> it will grow is the promise the 49ers are making after concerns surfaced of the grass inside levi stadium. they cannot see green in the shot from sky 7 because host a moto cross race. the grass was replaced last year because it was dying but with super bowl 50 they will make sure that field is in good shape. no doubt that will take quit a bit of water. mike? got do look good on national and international tv. >> millions and billions watching. >> water at nice. >> i would take tips from them more than they would take them from me. you are probably right. love do have whoever does the as do my yard. it always looks great.
5:47 am
>> now, here is live doppler hd with the cloud cover developing along the coast signaling the high pressure is undercut by developing marine layer that will cool cost. we talked >> boat yesterday the sunshine and warm weather would be one and done and yesterday was the day at the coast. from east bay hills notice there is no fog offer the bay bridge and, really nothing making it too far beyond the golden gate. we have clouds and cooler continues at the coast. the clouds and cooler weather spread through the neighborhoods through the weekend and a chance of scattered showers. is it a great soaking? unfortunately no, but a chance of rain. in april. >> rip currents and large breakers are possible through this summer up and down the coast from monterey to bodega
5:48 am
bay. at the monterey bay, 72 in santa cruz. inland 82 in gilroy and los gatos are the warmest spots and we are 77 in mill peed the coolest spot starring at 71 in mountain view and redwood city and dropping to were 70 in millbrae. ten degrees cooler at the coast. same in downtown san mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley. around cloverdale, low 88. look at that, only low 60 along your coastline and richmond at 71 is the cool spot and southbound fremont is 77 and castro valley is 78. oakland is a degree shy of tying the record and 74 today. you will be seven degrees cooler. we have low-to-mid 80s for most of our inland east bay neighbors. 62 at game dropping to 58 so we will be cooler and you can see the cloud cover in the north bay
5:49 am
valley through the bay into the south bay headed to the overnight hours. high pressure is going to lose its grip and watch how the temperatures will translate back to 50s at the cost by sunday and 70s and a few 80s hanging on inland. next week is much cooler. >> good morning, everyone a look at the bay bridge tom toll where metering lights are turned on and traffic is backing to macarthur maze. give yourself some time. on this span the traffic is looking good as the sun is just rising in the background. san rafael, southbound 101 north gate mall to the right and the specific center on the last and traffic is moving night nicely out of novato with fog on the waldo grade. the drive time tracy to dublin is not too external for friday morning at 34 minutes. not so bad as it normally is. antioch to concord is looking good 59 under 20 minutes and the
5:50 am
drive from san rafael to the city looking good under 20 minutes. >> a puppy problem sparks debate in santa cruz. who locals are taking on so pets can stay and why they were forced to make an 11th hour push. >> the community is stepping up to bat to help a little league team hit by thieves. >> forget the dentist drill a new sweet treat could have you not going to the dentist so much. stay tuned.
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good friday morning. people over profit is the emergency from a group protesting everies in san francisco's mission district. we were there as they pass the out fliers calling for an eviction-free zone. the protesters say they are forced out because the landlord is eling is their buildings to developers. state senator is working to modify the eviction procedure in san francisco to prevent any abuse. >> this morning, nice the oakland firefighters donating $1,000 to help the little league after thieves broke into the clubhouse in hayward on sunday night and stole a safe with $7,000 inside from the fundraiser. the $2,000 donation covers the insurance deductible from the theft and the rest goes to a reward fund to catch the leaves. >> tomorrow is the 109th
5:54 am
anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 and some of the commemoration will begin today. this fire hydrant saved much of the mission district because it supplied water when others failed. each year folks paint it gold and this year they will paint two others silver because they kept working after ther, as well. the commemoration ceremony begins at 5:12 a.m. tomorrow when the earthquake struck. >> now the forecast. mike? >> we will talk about cherry blossom festival, we have clouds at 10:00 and 57 but sun and low-to-mid 60s from noon to 5:00. if you want to be more active, half moon bay the first annual triathalon as 47 degrees at 6:00, and same at 7:00 and 52 and 56 at 9:00 and 10:00. high surf to santa b
5:55 am
that is the only adverse weather the mid-80s through the central valley and 6 a in lake tahoe. sue? >> thanks. we have nice traffic conditions. so far so good, san jose is getting busy on 87. northbound. traffic is at the limit. to the 24 interchange into the caldecott tunnel westbound 24 is moving at the limit and we see a few brake lights but not anything to cause a major delay with road work continuing on the bay bridge the left lane eastbound ongoing for the day. spacex came close to happening the reusable falcon 9 rocket and video is believed to show the happening shows how close it was.
5:56 am
look at rocket coming in for the failed attempt drifting into view and floats on to its target before it topples over if slow-motion. the video first appeared coming from a gopro camera mounted on the floating barge. the next attempt will occur on land so the target will be more stable. kids may rejoice over this story an oregon company has a sweet solution to keep your kids out of the dentist offering cavity-fighting candy after a doctor studied 2,000 ancient herbs and remedies to see to they had real medical benefits and the doctor discovered that licorice has amazing ability to kill harmful mouth bacteria and figured a way to harness it. the treat can help. it is the real deal.
5:57 am
i would not say it will eliminate dentists but it will help as another tool in the tool shed. >> continuist is working as a consultant for the company. the company said you have for follow the rues for it to work, two a day for 15 days. >> do you rely on lollipops in general? >> these are special. you have to tell them it is special. >> at 6:00, stopping crashes before they happen. you may think the camera in your car would be distracting but it could keep the drivers in check. >> apple's nod to mother nature what though are doing to help the world go green for generations to come. showing you the backup 59 the tom
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> a peeper on the prowl. putting starbucks on alert in walnut creek customers are take the news this morning. a proposal in santa cruz leaves dog owners in a pinch at a popular establishment. >> the countdown to tip-off is on in oakland as warriors gear up for the playoffs. we have a sneak peek for the excitement for the fans. >> mike is here for mike and sue is here for leyla this morning. >> a cooling trend at the coast today. sunshine yesterday and 70s. not going to happen today. at least not in the afternoon. we are starting off with a few clouds and everyone is clear. as we look at the golden gate bridge you can see the marine layer developing and the fog on the west wind at 15 miles per hour. 12 hour day


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